Social Responsibility

Engaging Our Employees and
Building Our Communities


of employees in the U.S. are women and minorities.


NuStar employees serve on the boards of local charities across our regions.

NuStar is dedicated to making a difference in the communities where we live and operate. We provide engaging and fulfilling jobs for our employees and deliver the fuels that make all of our lives convenient, safe and affordable.

Employee Engagement,
Development and Training

Image of chairman of the board, Bill Greehey, with volunteers at a NuStar volunteering event.

NuStar is much more than a collection of pipelines and terminals. We believe our culture is what sets us apart. We consider our employees our number-one asset, give back to our communities, protect the environment and demand that our people hold themselves and others to the highest ethical standards.

As a result, NuStar has been recognized as one of FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” 12 times. The success and commitment of our employees is what drives NuStar to excellence. We enable our employees to propel their careers forward, advance their skills and achieve their potential. There are various leadership and development opportunities through defined career paths, professional training, educational reimbursement and scholarships for higher education.[1] We believe our efforts to help employees thrive is a primary driver of our low 4.4%[2] voluntary turnover rate.

In addition to professional development, we are proud to provide our employees with one of the best health and welfare benefits packages in the industry[3] and resources to support every aspect of our employees’ well-being. NuStar offers a best-in-class healthcare benefits package that covers 100% of an employee’s family healthcare, providing a lot of different choices, great flexibility and security — without employees having to invest a dime in their basic benefits package. This further underscores the importance NuStar places on taking care of our employees, families and communities.


We believe that if you take care of the employees, they will take care of the company, our unitholders and our communities.


Recent Awards and honors


100 Best Companies to Work For
FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2021


25 Best Companies for Latinos to Work
Latino Leaders Magazine, 2021


Best Place for Working Parents
The Best Place for Working Parents, 2021 


100 Best Companies to Work For
FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2020


Best Workplaces for Millennials
FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2020


Best Workplaces in Texas
FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2020


 Best Workplaces for Millennials
FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2019


Corporate Philanthropy Award
San Antonio Business Journal, 2019 


People’s Companies that Care
People Magazine and Great Place to Work, 2019


Texas’ Top 25 Companies for Diversity
National Diversity Council, 2018

Our Chairman, Bill Greehey, established the NuStar Support Aid for Family Emergencies (SAFE) fund as a means for providing financial assistance to employees and their immediate family members, including spouses, children, stepchildren and adopted/foster children. NuStar awards grants to employees affected by unexpected hardships, losses, expenses or tragedies that insurance does not cover. This initiative highlights our dedication to our employees, in and outside of the workplace. NuStar presents the SAFE fund amount as a gift that the employee does not have to repay and, since its inception in 2007, has provided over $707,000 to employees in need.

$707,000+provided to employees in need through NuStar’s SAFE fund.


[1]For employees' dependents
[2]Excludes retirements
[3]According to McGriff, one of the nation's leading HR benefits consultants

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NuStar believes that having a workforce composed of diverse employees with wide-ranging backgrounds, experiences and thoughts makes our company stronger. We strive to make NuStar a safe, positive, inclusive and rewarding workplace. Our diversity initiatives start at the top: half of our senior executive team are women or minorities.

To ensure the equal and fair pay of employees, we have established an internal equity review process for promotions and salary adjustments, which entails evaluating employment demographics to identify outliers and ensure there is equity across racial groups and genders.


19.89%of our total workforce is female
29.47%of our management is female
30.6%of our total (U.S.) workforce is a minority
21.81%of our (U.S.) management is a minority


Women and Minority Representation Among Employees











U.S.Corporate HQU.S. senior manager
and above
Corporate HQ manager
and above
Senior executive team

Community Involvement and Development

Image of three NuStar employees volunteering, picking up and transporting tree debris.

We collaborate with local organizations to advocate for safe, vibrant and sustainable communities.

NuStar and our employees take great pride in giving back and building a brighter future for our neighbors by contributing time, talent, money and other resources to hundreds of community initiatives each year. At NuStar, we know that money does not always solve problems – people do. That is why our volunteers, known as the “NuStar Superstars,” are active in their communities and spend many hours of their personal and professional time serving their communities through fundraising, community clean-up events, educational outreach and other programs. NuStar maintains local Volunteer Councils in each community in which we operate to contribute to the charitable and civic causes unique to that local community. 

Over 80 NuStar employees serve on the boards
of local charities across our regions.

United Way

United Way is NuStar’s top community priority as the organization meets the critical needs of the entire community. In 2020, 99.9% of our U.S. employees contributed to our record-breaking United Way campaign. Thanks to our employees’ and directors' generous gifts and our company match, we pledged a record $4.7 million to United Way in 2020, the highest average per capita contribution in the nation.

Image of NuStar President & CEO Brad Barron and Chairman of the Board Bill Greehey serving food at a volunteer event.

Haven for Hope

Bill Greehey, NuStar’s Chairman of the Board, founded and serves as Chairman for Haven for Hope, an innovative homeless transformational campus that is widely recognized as the national model in the fight against homelessness. Haven for Hope opened in 2010, but NuStar has supported the organization from its inception. Since 2005, NuStar has provided extensive resources to Haven for Hope to help the organization flourish into what it is today, from professional support to extensive volunteer hours and donations. Haven for Hope is now one of the most successful philanthropic organizations in the San Antonio region. NuStar employees are intrinsically involved with Haven for Hope and create a continuum of care as donations and resources are ongoing.

The NuStar NuHope Golf Classic raises more money than most PGA TOUR events and is one of the most successful amateur golf tournaments in the nation. Through the support of our business partners and friends over the past 13 years, the event has raised nearly $48 million to help Haven for Hope in their fight against homelessness. Nearly 15,000 individuals have been assisted with housing through this transformational campus since it opened in 2010. 

Haven for Hope’s transformational campus provides intensive services for single men, women and families with children such as:

  • Short-term residential housing on campus
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Employment, education and legal services
  • Life-skills training
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare

Working together, NuStar and its Chairman also provide back-to-school shoes and fully-supplied backpacks to students in shelters throughout our community, as well as a summer BBQ event and Christmas dinner for families on the campus, complete with stockings and gifts.

Volunteer Councils

To promote employee engagement and cultural development within the company, NuStar’s Volunteer Council is entirely employee-driven. The overwhelming employee involvement in philanthropy creates a strong camaraderie among employees, providing an avenue to connect and bond outside of the office and everyday tasks. Specifically, NuStar has seen an overwhelming amount of engagement and ownership of the Volunteer Council from our millennial labor force. Volunteering not only helps our employees feel a sense of purpose and significance, but also gives our younger workers a chance to display their leadership skills and interact with our executives, opening the door for career growth.

Human Rights and
Indigenous Communities

Image of members of indigenous community and NuStar employees working together

At NuStar, we are committed to engaging with the Indigenous Nations in the areas where we operate, and we see ourselves as partners with these Indigenous Nations and communities. We respect each as a sovereign nation and have built long-lasting relationships. Our cooperative relationships and respect for their culture contributes not only to our successful operations, but also helps create economic value for the nations.

NuStar works closely with the Pueblo of Isleta and the Santo Domingo Pueblo, which are near our facilities in New Mexico. For example, members of the Pueblo of Isleta are employed in our right of way maintenance efforts. This ensures the work is not only performed in a way that meets our safety requirements, but also is respectful of their lands. In addition, we have provided essential supplies during natural disasters and worked closely with the Tribal Livestock Owners, an Indigenous group that keeps livestock as a major occupational source for their livelihood. We participate in environmental events to clean up areas of importance to the group and have provided personal protective equipment to assist with the success and safety of these efforts.

Our efforts and relationship with the Indigenous Nations in the areas where we operate could not be summarized any better than by Cedric Coriz, a NuStar Senior Terminal Operator who is also a proud member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo:

Through our Partnership with NuStar, we are fortunate and blessed to have revenue coming into our Tribal Government, which is distributed annually to the Head of Household and their families. This has promoted other businesses to seek relations with the Tribe as well. NuStar’s donations and support have helped reconstruct kivas and cultural buildings which have great meaning to our people.

At NuStar, we are proud not only to have employees who are members of Indigenous Nations, but also of our partnerships with nations in the areas where we operate. We honor the cultures of each Indigenous Nation and look forward to fostering our relationships as an active member of their communities.

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