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From the CEO

Sustainably Connecting Energy and Communities

It goes without saying that 2021 was another challenging year as we continued to deal with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and its variants on our employees and their families, our operations and our industry. Despite the many challenges, I am proud of our employees for stepping up to help make 2021 another successful year for NuStar on many fronts. Examples of this success include our safety and environmental performances, both of which were among the best in our company’s history.

We continue to be a leader in safety, including having a significantly better Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) than the industry average. We are also proud to have been recently awarded the International Liquid Terminals Association’s (ILTA) Safety Excellence Award for the 12th time. Similarly, our environmental performance continues to be strong, with releases accounting for just 0.00068% of our 2021 total annual throughput of 835 million barrels. Safety and environmental excellence will always be a core business value for NuStar. We continually strive to go above and beyond in protecting the environment and in ensuring the safety of our employees and contractors, as well as the communities in which we operate.

We are proud of the work we do, and we are committed to doing it well. Through the hard work of our employees, NuStar plays a crucial role in safely and reliably moving the energy that powers our day-to-day lives. Motor fuels — whether petroleum-based or renewable — are critical to our country’s energy security, and the ammonia we move on our Ammonia Pipeline is critical to our country’s food security, helping American farmers grow crops that provide affordable, healthy foods to feed our communities and biofuels that lower emissions.

Traditional sources of high-density energy, like the petroleum products we transport and store, will continue to be an important part of our energy supply for many decades to come.

We are also excited about NuStar’s current and emerging role in new energy opportunities, to lower emissions and generate solid returns for our investors, such as our West Coast Renewable Fuels Network and new projects in development for our Ammonia Pipeline. By continuing to supply energy to the markets we serve, while remaining committed to doing the right thing — for our unitholders, our employees, our communities and our planet — we are building a resilient and financially flexible business positioned to provide value, both now and in the future.

Thank you for your interest in NuStar!



Brad Barron, President and CEO

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